SEO Path

SEO Path
SEO Path is a simple but powerful extension to control store URLs and breadcrumb trails, static pagination, smart redirection, improve important aspects of multilingual stores and other things to make store more SEO-friendly.

* URL and breadcrumb path manager.
* Smart URL redirection.
* Static pagination, i.e., with the page number in the header.
* Multilingual store support.
* Language prefixes, i.e,,
* JSON-LD markup for breadcrumbs.
* Compatible with the Journal theme.
* Does not modify OC core files (OCMOD).

The extension has been tested with the default OpenCart structure and theme, but third-party themes or extensions may cause incompatibilities and may require additional tweaking to fix this. The developer is not responsible for this and is not obliged to fix it, but can do so for an additional fee, which is discussed separately.

Live demo
* Extension settings.
* Store Front.

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* How-To.
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* End-user license agreement.
* SEO Path web page.

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SEO Redirect - is an extension to redirect old or broken requests to a new URLs using HTTP 301 response status code. So customer browser will redirect to updated URLs and search engines will notified, that the requested resource have finally moved to a new URL, and they update their links to the resource.
SEO Common Urls - is an extension to assign SEO keywords for the common URLs and to remove index.php?route=common/home from the home page URL.
Dir Access.
Document addTag.

* Page-N addon to change static pagination type from to compatibility.
* Enhanced Manufacturer compatibility.
* Simple Blog compatibility.
* Plaza theme compatibility.

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