Admin Category Search or Filter

Admin Category Search or Filter
Features :

1) Easy configuration
2) User friendly
3) One Click Installation
4) easily Filter Category
5) Search Category By parent Category


This installation instructions assume that you are running either fresh (just-installed) or customised installation of OpenCart.

1) Login to your OpenCart admin panel. Once you do that, go to Extensions -> Extension Installer.
2) Click on the Upload button.
3) Find on your computer and Select File as per your version And load it.
4) OpenCart will begin the installation of the module along with the OCMod and when the operation is done you will receive the following message - Success: You have installed your extension!
5) Go to Extensions -> Modifications in order for the OCMod to be applied. Click the refresh icon to load the new files.
6) Go to Catalog -> category -> you can see the filter Option there.
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