Price Range

Price Range
Price Range is a simple but powerful OpenCart extension that allows to display product price range based on minimum and maximum possible price of product and its options. Quantity based discounts taking into account also.
Compatible with OC 2x(2.2.0.x)-3x versions.

* Three ways to display product prices:
    - Price range e.g., $100 - $150.
    - From minimum price, e.g., From $100.
    - Up to maximum price, e.g., Up to $150.
* Multilingual minumum and maximum price labels (i.e, From, Up to, etc.)
* Compatible with the Journal theme.
* Does not change system files, only the OC Event System is used.

The extension has been tested with the default OpenCart structure and theme, but third-party themes or extensions may cause incompatibilities and may require additional tweaking to fix this. The developer is not responsible for this and is not obliged to fix it, but can do so for an additional fee, which is discussed separately.

Live demo
* Settings.
* Store Front.

* How-To.
* Changelog.
* End-user License Agreement.
* Price Range web page.

* Journal 3 theme addon.
* Journal 2 theme addon.
* Magentech theme addon.
* Force At - force display minimum price with related custom textual prefix (e.g. At) for products with no options.
* Enhanced Options compatibility addon.
* Enhanced Specials compatibility addon.

Related extensions
* The Enhanced Options module allows to apply product special offers and discounts to their options, as well as to define one-time paid options, the prices of which do not depend on the quantity of the selected product.
* Allow customers to see live price changes, when they select product options or change product quantity using the Live Product module.
* Simplify admin work when you need to apply special offers to all products of a certain manufacturer or category using the Enhanced Specials module.
* The Equal Sign is an extension that allows use the equal sign as a prefix for product options.

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What customers say about Price Range

Works right out of the box and had the best options out of similar modules. Highly recommended!
Very happy! I needed a couple of adjustments to make the extension work with my version of OC and Journal. He was very responsive and made the necessary changes needed. Looks and works great now! I am very happy and would definitely purchase from him again!
Following the instructions I had some initial errors. Contacting the developer via the support system he responded fairly quickly. He was able to diagnose the problem, My client is very happy with this functionality of Price Ranges for products based on options. By far the best extension and the best support. I highly recommend this extension!


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