PayPal Checkout Integration

PayPal Checkout Integration

Help drive conversion.
PayPal’s brand recognition helps give customers the confidence to buy. Your all-in-one solution comes with PayPal, Pay Later, Venmo (US only), and more. And it can easily be added to your existing checkout solution.
62% PayPal can help small- and medium-sized businesses increase checkout conversion by 62%.²

Go ahead, let them pay later.
Let customers Pay Later — while you get paid up front and in full at no extra cost to you. Promoting Pay Later on your site at key points of the shopping journey can increase cart sizes³ and repeat business.⁴

Tap into over 90 million active Venmo (US only) accounts.
Venmo (US only) is already part of your integration — at no additional cost. Gain appeal to Venmo (US only) customers by letting customers pay for purchases the same way they pay their friends. And help bring more visibility to your business with a payment method customers can easily share.

Take charge.
With PayPal, you can process all major credit and debit cards at a competitive rate. By bringing payments under one roof you can simplify reporting and consolidate your settlements to better understand your business.

Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Apple Pay and Google Pay are part of PayPal’s all-in-one solution so you won’t have to juggle multiple payment providers.

Make repeat purchasing easy.
PayPal enables you to securely save your customers’ payment methods, including PayPal, Venmo (US only), Apple Pay, and credit and debit cards, providing a quick and easy checkout experience.

Go global. Make it local.
With country-specific payment methods, you can reach international customers while making your business feel local. Build trust with local payment options that correspond to the shopper's location.

Reduce business costs with Package Tracking.
PayPal users can track their purchases to their doorsteps in real time with PayPal’s new Package Tracking, part of PayPal Checkout reimagined. Increasing users’ visibility may help businesses enhance efficiencies through integrated order management with consolidated receipts.
80% Minimize time spent dealing with delivery inquiries and reduce the number of “items not received” disputes by as much as 80%⁶ with our new shipment tracking feature.

More reasons to offer PayPal.
PayPal's size, scale, and experience volume allows for strong global relationships to help you better serve customers, minimise costs, and help drive sales.

Designed with your business in mind.

Simple setup.
See how to activate.

Upgrading is easy. And there’s no additional cost
For versions and higher:
  • Go to ‘Payments’ section of Extensions
  • Find PayPal Commerce Platform Integration as recommended option
  • Install the module

For versions and higher:
  • PayPal Commerce Platform is already available on the list of payment options and doesn’t need to be installed manually.

For versions <
  • Download the latest PayPal Commerce Platform module from the OpenCart Marketplace.
  • Log in to the OpenCart admin panel. Select Extensions > Installer. Upload the zip file with the payment module under Upload your extensions.
  • Go to Extensions > Payments > PayPal Commerce Platform. Select the green button with the plus icon to Install.
  • Select Edit to set up payment methods.

Pricing with no surprises.
No monthly or setup fees. Only pay when you get paid.

*PayPal User Agreement fees prevail. Additional fees may apply as set forth in the applicable User Agreement.

Legal Disclosures:

Venmo is available only in the US.

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

*See PayPal Developer documentation for the latest availability of Pay Later features and benefits in your region(s). PayPal Pay Later eligibility and availability is subject to merchant status, sector and integration. Consumer eligibility is subject to status and approval. Product features differ by market. See relevant product terms for more details. PayPal Pay Later cross-border messaging is subject to approval by PayPal.

¹Pay Later is available in US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, AU. Product availability subject to local requirements. Merchant and consumer eligibility varies depending on status. Credit checks, fees and other requirements apply and vary depending on product and jurisdiction. See product-specific terms for details.

²Nielsen, commissioned by PayPal, Nielsen Behavioral Panel of UK with 9K monthly average SMB desktop purchase transactions, from 3K consumers between April 2022-March 2023. *Checkout conversion - from the point at which customers starts to pay.

³In the UK, PayPal Pay in 3 Average Order Values (AOVs) are ~60% higher than standard AOVs for SMBs. Internal Data Analysis of 8863 SMB across integrated partners and non integrated partners, November 2022. SMB internally defined as up to £100,000 in estimated annual ecommerce online payment volume.

An average of 90% of Pay in 3 customers in the UK are repeat users. Based on PayPal internal data from Jan 2023 to September 2023. *Repeat Users - who have taken out more than 1 loan.

There are 90 million Venmo active accounts in the United States. PayPal Internal Data – 2022.

Tracking details can reduce INR disputes by 80%. Based on PayPal internal data from January 1 - May 5, 2023 for 'item Not Received' Dispute criteria in North America (US).

PayPal Earnings-Q2, 2023, based on PayPal internal data.

In July 2022, PayPal was recognized as the #1 most downloaded finance and banking app globally. **Apptopia, Top 10 Finance & Banking apps, H1 2022. July 13, 2022.

CR (Consumer Reports), "Buy Now, Pay Later Apps Are Popular, but Are They Safe?" Consumer Reports , May 25, 2023.

¹⁰Availability may vary depending on merchant’s integration method and geographic location.

¹¹Additional terms for IC++ apply, see PayPal Online Card Payment Services Agreement for your market.

¹²Available on eligible transactions only. Limits, terms and eligibility criteria apply.

¹³Available on eligible purchases.

¹⁴Terms, exclusions and fees apply to the Chargeback Protection tool. Chargeback Protection is available for accounts enrolled in Advanced Credit and Debit Card Payments. See terms.

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