Options Boost 2.0 - Uber Options - Default Product Option 2x/3x

Options Boost 2.0 - Uber Options - Default Product Option 2x/3x

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What is Uber Options?
Uber Options is a product option manipulation system created for OpenCart 2.x and was designed to be the successor to the popular Options Boost for OpenCart 1.5.x.
Uber Options is the first of its kind to use an extensible "submodule" system for the actual features.
Each submodule contains different features on its own tab that is displayed within the Uber Options Module.
This makes Uber Options dynamic and customizable for the user to be able to choose only the features needed for their store.
Submodules are sold individually and can be added/removed at anytime without affecting other submodule feature sets.
To get more submodules:
- http://opencartguru.com/uber-options-x
- http://bit.ly/1Jzd3fb

- vQmod 2.6.1 or later is required from http://vQmod.com

Default Product Option Features:
Default options is an Uber Options Submodule that adds the ability to set default selected product options
After install, users will see a new tab on their Uber Options module with the following features:
* Choose which option (per option group) is selected by default.
* Works with Select, Radio, Image, and Checkbox option types
* Checkboxes support more than one default value. Select, Radio, Image will automatically only allow a single default
* Can be left unchecked to work like normal
* Supports multiple options. Each option set can have its own default option value
* Optional include with add to cart on non-product pages.
This means if the add to cart button is clicked on the category page, or the latest module, etc. it will add with the default option and skip the product page
* Optional include with price on non-product pages
This means prices on category page, or the latest module, etc. can automatically include the defaulted option(s) price as part of the price.
* Uses Ajax Save for instant save to any changes.
* Uses vQmod, No files are overwritten


  • Developed by OpenCart Partner
  • Documentation Included



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31 Jan 2020
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