Dutch (Nederlands) OC 3.X

Dutch (Nederlands) OC 3.X

Completely translate your admin panel and the front end of your store to Dutch (Nederlands) using this language pack. Simply install the package using OCMOD and read the installation guide in this extension description on how to add Dutch to your stores languages. Translated by a real, native speaker. Using OpenCart 4? Some parts of your site are not translated as this language pack is currently not compatible. You can still use it for OpenCart 4, but may have to add some of the translations yourself.

This extension does not overwrite any core files and makes changes to the front-end as well as your admin panel.
  • Completely translates admin and front-side to Dutch.

  • Using the OCMOD installer, upload the preferred .ocmod.zip file (installer menu)
  • Refresh your modifications cache by clicking the blue refresh button (modifications menu)

  • Add a new language in admin/system/localisation/languages
  • At Language Name, enter 'Dutch' or 'Netherlands'
  • At Code, select 'nl-nl' from the dropdown menu
  • At Locale, enter 'nl_NL' or something similar
  • At Status, enable this language to activate it
  • Enter a Sort Order and save this language: Now it's activated!

To use your language for admin, catalog or both, go to system/settings/YourStore (click the edit button) and choose your language under the Local tab. You can choose a language for both catalog and admin separately. If you wish to only add this language as a translation for catalog, choose the Dutch language for catalog and leave the admin language as it is.

When uninstalling this language, first set the admin and catalog languages back to English in system/settings/YourStore (click the edit button). Otherwise OpenCart keeps using the default language, which in turn will deliver translations that are now missing. The result will be some empty buttons or tabs without text on them. You can also solve this issue by later changing the default language back to English.

Dutch Language is a free extension without support. Regardless I will be more than happy to answer any questions via info@elmigo.nl.

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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