Dutch Nederlands OC 3

Dutch Nederlands OC 3

Dutch translation for both admin and catalog. Translated by a native speaker who lives in the Netherlands. Uses Dutch language as written in the Netherlands, although it is very similar to Dutch written in Belgium.

This extension does not overwrite any core files. Quick and easy OCMOD installation.

  • Makes the Dutch language available in your store

  1. Upload the preferred .ocmod.zip file under the Extensions > Installer menu
  2. Refresh the modifications cache under the Extensions > Modifications menu
  3. Navigate to System\Localisation\Languages in your admin section
  4. Add a new language using the blue [+] button on the top right of the page
  5. Enter "Dutch" or "Nederlands" in the language name field on the form
  6. Select "nl-nl" from the dropdown menu called 'code' on the form
  7. Enter "nl_NL" or a similar locale in the 'locale' field on the form
  8. Select "enabled" from the dropdown menu called 'status' on the form
  9. Optionally enter a sort order in the corresponding field on the form
  10. Save your newly created language to make it available in your store settings

To use this language in your store follow the instructions:

  1. Navigate to System\Settings\[store-name] (click the edit button)
  2. Navigate to the 'Local' tab to edit the store localization settings
  3. Choose the newly added Dutch language for catalog/admin or both
  4. Save your store settings to make the language available directly

Free extension, unlimited and ad-free.
Limited support: info@elmigo.nl

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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2 Feb 2024

1 Feb 2020
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Dutch Pride Code
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