All-in-One Chat for OpenCart

All-in-One Chat for OpenCart
Live Chat for OpenCart by Elfsight is the handiest tool for users to reach you and get support from you. Stay available online in one the most used chat 24/7. Integrate All-in-One Chat on your site and it can appear on specific pages or for separate groups of visitors, define chat initiating triggers, compose your welcome message, pick icons and other features. Having All-in-One Chat active you will remain reachable for people anytime and from any place.

Staying simple and fast to contact
Set a quick and effortless way for clients to send their questions to you through your site

Increasing the quality of client service
Thanks to a speedy and more targeted connection, make more people satisfied

Growing sales with the help of consulting
Communicate helpful details about your offers and inspire more users to buy

The easiest way for your audience to reach you
Through Elfsight All-in-One Chat you will set a handy conversation tool, which will help making it easy for your audience to chat to you at once and without effort. They will be able to communicate with you when needed, through a familiar and comfortable messenger. And you will be able to stay connected, answering on-the-fly no matter where you are.

Invite users into chats. Turn them into buyers. Increase sales.
Whatever services and items you offer, you can offer more through personal conversations on your page. You can make each visitor engaged into messaging and convince more people to buy from your site. Elfsight All-in-One Chat includes chat triggers, which show a chat window for each person after certain time on the site or web page, or when they start leaving. You can select out of four variants of chat display position, and restrict the chat window to appear for a certain category of visitors for the most efficient work.

Malleable design to make it comply with your use case
Our widget offers interface features which will help you change it right for your business sphere. Offer customer support, give consultations about your items, assist to make a booking or placing an order – this chat is for all this and even more. Select chat bubble image from our library, enter caption text with important information, place company’s logo or select a photo from predefined, create a warm welcome message that will help initiate conversation, show message notification, plus more.

This OpenCart Chat module is provided by Elfsight Apps

Elfsight Apps is a cloud-based service featuring apps to extend and diversify your site functionality (for instance, Instagram Feed, YouTube Gallery, Social Icons and more).

This widget acts like a bridge between your site and Elfsight Apps Service. It connects them together. It gets the widget you’ve built at Elfsight Apps and displays it straight on your website.

If you haven't got an Elfsight Apps account yet, you can register totally free of charge, and it only takes about one minute.

How to add Live Chat extension to OpenCart website

  • Get the extension and install it to the website.
    Find a desired version of the widget and download its file. Next, install it to your site via «Extension Installer» in the control panel.
  • Shape your own extension.
    Visit the «Extensions» section and apply sorting by module to open All-in-One Chat. Now you can enter selected data and customize the look. Get your installation code from the popup notification. Copy this code.
  • Add the extension on the store.
    Define the area you plan to integrate the plugin to and add the saved code there.
  • You’re done! .
    Open OpenCart website, to check your results!

Free installation service
Our Customer Help Team will be glad to help with the setup or integrate the OpenCart Live Chat for you. We are waiting for your inquiries at, and we’ll be happy to help! Still haven’t seen our tool live? See it right now on the All-in-One Chat page!

If you experience any problems with the All-in-One Chat or get questions to ask, do not hesitate to address our customer support staff. Our specialists are always pleased to help!

What customers say about All-in-One Chat for OpenCart

Awesome. Contact; On this this module is the last point. I would definitely recommend.
Best of the best, inspire template help me through out. Amazing you guys! Great job!

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