Ease code - simplified code adding module

Ease code - simplified code adding module
Ease code - module for simplified code adding for Opencart

The extension is suitable and tested on versions of Opencart 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 3.0
Also suitable for OpencartPro version 2.1 and 2.3
The extension was tested on official versions downloaded from official assembly sites.
The module was tested several times on all of the above versions of the site. The module was also checked for errors.

- Install extension:
There are two installation methods:
1) Just open the extension installer and select the extension for the version of your assembly and install, then update the “Modifiers”, then go to the Modules section and activate it, then configure it as you need.
The module does not replace any files.

- What module can:
1) The module displays javascript code (<script> * </script>);
2) The module displays code for styles (<style> * </style>);
3) The module displays html code;
3) You can individually enable the module in headere, body or footere

Why is this module needed and how does it work?
This module simplifies working with code. For example, you have a script that needs to be added to head, you do not need to yank your admin, who is responsible for the site or the programmer, so that he adds this code or removes it. And you can easily do it yourself in a couple of minutes in this module.
Or you need to add the analytics code to the site, then the same thing, open this module and add the code, save, after which the code will appear in the place you specified.
If you need this code to not be displayed on the site, then you can disable it in the module.

- Errors:
If you installed the module, did everything as indicated above, and the module does not work, or what part of the code is not displayed, then most likely you changed your template and the modifier does not find the specified path in the modifier file and cannot fix it yourself, in this case, refer to the author of the module and he will help in this decision.

Note - The module does not process or output php or twig code.

The module is easy to configure.
The module has 6 fields:
3 fields where you add the code
3 fields with status, enable this code or not

If you notice any problems or you have a suggestion for improving the module itself, write in personal messages of this service, after which I will answer you.

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