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Sort related products with drag-n-drop

Sort related products with drag-n-drop
Due to this extension, you will be able to change the display order of related products. Just drag the related product from the list with the mouse to the desired location.

The standard functionality of the system provides for the creation of two-way communication between related products. In other words, if you assign related products B and C to product A, then product A automatically appears in the list of the related products for B and C. The extension "Sort related products with drag-n-drop" does not touch on a two-way communication in the addition of related goods, but removes the connection upon removal. That is, if you want to delete from product B the related product A, but you want B to remain in the list of related products for A, now it’s possible! Just remove product A from the list of related products for B.

If your system has any extensions with similar functionality as related products and you would also like to use convenient drag-n-drop sorting there, you can contact the author to refine this extension for your functionality.


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