Ajax Filter with Seo Links (by attribs, options, brands, price)

Ajax Filter with Seo Links (by attribs, options, brands, price)

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Ajax Filter Module - your reliable partner in creating a convenient and effective product search experience for users of your online store.Do you want your customers to easily and quickly find the products they need? Our module provides the ability to filter based on various options and characteristics – from price to brands, from categories to keywords in the search.

Forget about the need to press the "Search" button. Our module tracks user actions and instantly applies selected filters, ensuring a smooth and fast shopping experience.

Ajax Filter allows customers to filter products by categories, attributes, prices, and much more without reloading the page. This reduces search time and increases customer satisfaction.

For the seller:
Create SEO links easily for queries your users are interested in by writing titles, descriptions, and adding unique texts to these sample pages. Thus, you will increase the index of search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing, etc).
The “Ajax Filter with Seo Links (by attribs, options, brands, price)” extension has a wide range of graphic settings, which allows the filter to fit into the style of any website easily.

For the customers:
The most simple and at the same time extremely effective live search! Just indicate a price range, brand, type, color, and other, so your search will narrow down noticeably! As a result, the filter will select only a few variations from a variety of products that are worthy of your attention.

  • Filter by price, attributes, category, etc.[/b].
  • Filter products via Ajax.
  • The wide selection of graphics settings.
  • Saving SEO URLs.
  • SEO Title, Description, and Header with added filters.
  • The fastest and most convenient filtering.
  • The location of the filter on the page of your choice.
  • The addition of the search field.

Installation instructions:
  • Download and install the module;
  • Select the required filter options;
  • Specify the features and attributes to be added to the filter;
  • Select the graphic settings;
  • Track user requests in a filter. Next, add SEO links and other data to improve the SEO of filter pages;
  • [*]Save changes and your customers can use a convenient and quick product filter.

    What customers say about Ajax Filter with Seo Links (by attribs, options, brands, price)

    Perfect filter and very good support.


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