Feedback history + response from the admin panel

Feedback history + response from the admin panel
By default, feedback messages are sent to the email address specified in the settings and are not saved anywhere else.
This can cause problems if the email did not arrive, was sent to spam, or was deleted from the mailbox.
Now all feedback emails will be saved and displayed as a list, which makes it easier for the store administrator..

And so what was done and added:
Client part:
the phone field has been added which can be enabled or disabled and any mask can be applied in the form

Also added the case subject field (set via the module setting - each value from a new line)

Administrative part:
Notification in the header of the number of messages without approval - when you click go and see a list of unverified messages
Available actions in the list:
    User name (if the user is registered there will be a link to view the profile )
    Date added
    Subject of the appeal
    IP address
    Quick change of status checked or not
    Quick response from the administration
    Filtering by all parameters

In the module settings, you can set:
    Sender's mail
    The mail header - mask ({name} is the Name of the sender, {email} - Email of the sender, {store_name} - the name of the store)
    Signature in the response-masks ({name} - sender's Name, {email} - sender's Email, {store_name} - store Name, {store_url} - store Url, {store_email} - store's Email, {store_phone} - store's phone Number (you can use html))

Also changed the type of email that comes by default

Tested on all versions of opencart 2.x-3.0.x
Demo -phone feedback Form and subject of the request
Demo - setting up the module
Demo - list of requests
contact / contact
PS> Do not leave your email - access to the response from the admin panel is allowed


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