OpenCart Warehouse Management System (WMS) Mobile App

OpenCart Warehouse Management System (WMS) Mobile App
Opencart Warehouse Management System will allow the management of the warehouse and orders in a much effective way. The admin in the backend can configure the warehouse.

However, the staff member can manage the warehouse orders using the application. This complete solution will help the store owner to conduct a successful order and inventory management.


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Use Case-

In every store, the most vital part is customer satisfaction. This can build loyalty among customers. The store owner with the help of this plugin can ensure best order processing. Wherein the staff member can pick and pack the products in the warehouse. This will make the procedure much accurate and fast.


  • Admin can create multiple warehouses from the backend.
  • Warehouse configuration can be done as per requirement likewise stating the number of rows, columns, shelves, racks, and totes.
  • The admin can even assign the inventory to the warehouse wherein the position of the product is also stated.
  • Additionally, the admin can register and assign a staff member to the warehouse for systemized management.
  • The sales agent will manage the assigned order with the help of the applications downloadable from the App and Play store.
  • Admin can assign the orders to the staff member.
  • The order verification is done by staff members by scanning the barcode.


Post-installation of the module the admin can simply enable the module. This will allow the admin to take advantage of the WMS structure.

Then the admin can create multiple warehouses in the store. Wherein the admin will define the structure of the warehouse and allocate an identification name.

Then the admin can Assign products to the warehouses. This will allow the admin to define the exact location of the product.

The admin can even assign a Staff to the warehouse. Define the email and password with which they can log in to the WMS application.

The totes which are assigned to the warehouse are displayed in the totes section along with the barcode.

Then the admin can manage the orders by assigning a warehouse where inventory is available and assigning concerned staff.

Now the staff member can download the application wherein the order management can take place. The staff member can log in to the application using the username and password provided by the admin.

The staff can see the order assigned to them in the Order list section of the application.

Here the staff member can click on an order and assign a tote to it.

For this, the staff member can scan the tote barcode with the application.

Then add products one by one as in the order.

Once all the products are added the staff can verify the order b again scanning the tote. The staff member then can check all the present product before processing them further.


  • Better order processing with more accuracy.
  • Staff members need not struggle for the order.
  • Warehouse inventory can be managed in a better way.
  • Quick order assignment to staff members.

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