Managing files for downloading Pro

Managing files for downloading Pro
A module to make it easier to work with files for downloading - according to the Opencart standard, this is a real horror

New things that were done to improve the work:
    Added filtering by file name
    Added filtering by add date
    Added filtering by mask
    Added filtering by file name
    Added product filtering - Must have
    Added sorting by mask
    Added sorting by product
    Added display of the mask
    Added display of products with the file-Must have
    Added mass file addition to products - Must have
    Added the function of deleting a file from the server when deleting - Must have

In Opencart by default when you delete a file the file itself remains on the server which leads to the accumulation of unnecessary files and then clean it will take a long time
After adding the file, you must go to the product and select each file separately . the module solves this problem by adding the necessary products when adding or editing the file

The module does not replace files it uses an Ocmod file

    Download the necessary plug-in for your version via the add-ons installer
    Update the modifier
    go to downloads
    get high

Demo admin panel:
Demo - demo/demo


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23 Mar 2020
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