Product xml feed on google marchant based

Product xml feed on google marchant based
Product feed in full xml.
Universal Data Feed xml layout is base on google marchant / google shopping guide line.
Tested as product feed for
Usefull for sharing your selected products who are in stock, test at a minimum price
The next parameters are used by an export to the xml feed:
Ignore products without stock, Minimum stock, Exectution code (usefull by security who execute the feed), Shipping cost, Minimum price, Free delevery from, Delivery time if in stock, Condition, Products for adults, Age group.
For advertising products on google shopping or or synchonize your data with on other shop.
ocmod installer file, no modifications by orginal source files, languages English and Dutch.
cache xml file for directly access and no building delay.
and a xml build link with a secret code for building the product xml file, you can use a cron job for that an do that job every day or every hour.


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