Quick view information about the product

Quick view information  about the product
Product information (orders, reviews, bookmarks, shopping cart) is just a necessary module
It will help you see statistics for the selected product, especially if you decide to delete this product...

Demo - demo/demo

Sales statistics:
    Total orders
    Number of products sold
    total amount of the sale

Viewing reviews:
    Total reviews (link to sorting)
    Number of disabled (link to sorting)
    Number of enabled items (link to sorting)

Viewing bookmarks:
    Total bookmarks
    Customer bookmarks
    Guest bookmarks (if the guest bookmarks module is installed)

Viewing the bucket:
    Total in the bucket
    Quantity in the basket
    Shopping cart
    Guest baskets

Each tab includes a detailed overview (for registered buyers)

The module does not replace engine files
Separate folder with output of the controller model and templates
Minimum edits in the Ocmod file

Tested on Opencart 2.x & Opencart 3.0.x (with the Exception of Opencart 2.0.x - in this version only orders and reviews)

Select the version you need
Install via the ocmod installer
Update modifiers
Set viewing rights in System-users - user group - select product_extended - Save

Good luck with your sales


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