Opencart Abandoned Cart Module

Opencart  Abandoned Cart Module

Recover your lost sales by automatically reminding your potential customers about their abandoned carts. With the Abandoned cart extension for OpenCart, you can send automatic or manual email reminders to the users, thus encouraging them to complete their shopping. Bring back the users to your store, increase conversions, and boost revenues by minimizing cart abandonment.
The plug-in collects and displays all the incomplete purchases along with extensive user information. View each entry for customer's visit history and personal details to decide to delete it or sending a manual reminder. The statistics help you find the number of guests and registered users who are leaving the cart incomplete.
Auto-generate coupons and accompany them in reminder emails to ensure a higher success rate. You can set fixed or percentage discounts for the coupons along with a validity period. Customizing the email message with images and links can help you achieve a promising click-through rate. Give your potential customers a strong reason to restore their carts. You can hold an entry before considering it incomplete and set a limit on reminder emails.

Automate abandoned cart reminder emails
Send the reminder emails manually to the users
Track all the left cart entries with a graphical view
Auto-create coupons to encourage users to complete their orders
Set fixed or percentage discounts on coupons with validity
Customize email template for better click-through rates
Set a time limit to mark an entry as abandoned cart
Send a limited number of reminder emails

Automatically Send Abandoned Cart Reminders
The extension helps you automate email reminders to the users who leave their purchases incomplete. Avoid delays in making a sale by enabling the extension to recognize the cart abandonment as soon as the user moves.

Send Manual & Personalized Reminders
For a higher success ratio of the campaign, you can manually send email reminders to users about their unaccomplished shopping with customized messages.

Manage All Cart Abandonments
The Abandoned Cart extension for OpenCart collects and displays all the unfinished cart entries in a dedicated dashboard, which simplifies managing them all. From there, you can view, delete, or send reminders manually. View deep insights about customers such as
    Personal and contact details
    Cart price and items
    First and last visit
    Last URL
    IP address

View Cart Abandonments Statistics
The module provides a brilliant graphical view of the cart abandonment statistics. It displays the number and percentage of guests as well registered users who left the cart incomplete.

Automatically Generate Coupon Codes
You can giveaway discounts by generating coupon codes with the auto-email reminder of cart abandonment. In pursuit of getting discounts, users are more likely to return and buy their items.

Offer Fixed or Percentage Discount
Select the discount type as a fixed or percentage amount of the cart value. Enter the discount figures and set a validity period. The coupons expire if the user does not redeem it in your defined period.

Customize Email Templates
You can write a personalized email for reminding the users about their incomplete transactions. The WYSIWYG editor helps you add images, links, and format the text for increasing the email-open rate and click-through rate.

Set a Criteria for Abandoned Cart
Hold cart entries for a specific time (days) before considering them abandoned. Mark the value zero to add the entries in abandoned carts immediately after the users’ withdrawal.

Limit the number of email reminders
Set a limit on the number of email reminders you send. Remind your potential customers a considerable number of times and stop overdoing it as it may count in spam.


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