Order Manager - Who processed the order

Order Manager - Who processed the order
In the admin panel there will be a mark about the user who processed the order

Different situations and force majeure occur when you have 2-3 users who are engaged in orders...

The module will be easy to track:
    If you created an order via the admin panel-user account
    If you edited a user's order record
    If you added a record to the history, it is a user record
    Output in the history who changed the order status

The user is changed automatically - you can't change it manually!!!!!

Made an edit when editing an order-comments were not displayed in the Opencart database history (fixed)

    The main page displays the user who processed the order
    The user is displayed on the all orders page
    On the order page I filtered by the user who last changed the order

PS.If You have any suggestions, please write me in your personal messages...

I will definitely consider all offers..

100% work is guaranteed on clean versions of Opencart and Ocstore 2.x 3.0.x


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