Full SEO + Marketing Pack FB Feed/Google Feeds/Rich Snippets/etc

Full SEO + Marketing Pack FB Feed/Google Feeds/Rich Snippets/etc
"All in one" for Marketing and Seo:
  • Google Merchant Shopping Feeds
  • Facebook Catalog Feed
  • Google Dynamic Remarketing Feed
  • Google Rich Snippets
  • Open Graph Markup

Save your time and investments by installing the ONLY ONE our Full SEO Marketing Pack plug-in. The total price of these five plugins is $170, and we sell our pack for only $99! Of course, you can buy individually 5 of our plugins, install them without any problems and get the same result. But why do you need it? We have already done everything for you. By installing this product you will receive an extensive module of five such components:

Google Merchant Shopping Feeds
This plugin allows you to create a product feed for advertising in the Google Merchant Center for the promotion of your online store products in a few simple steps. The plugin creates a file with Data Feed that is a file with detailed information about your products. It contains unique IDs, prices, image URLs, and other product attributes. The plugin allows you to display products in the search results.
More about this component You can read here

Facebook Product Catalog Feed Module
The plug-in makes it possible to create dynamic advertising on Facebook for the promotion of online store products using data feed. Using the "Facebook Catalog Feed" plugin is the easiest way to transfer goods from your internet store to Facebook Catalog.
More about this component You can read here

Google Dynamic Remarketing
This "Google Dynamic Remarketing" Plugin increases your conversion rate by showing your visitors relevant ads based on their activity on your site. You can create a product feed for Google ADS in CSV format. This plugin helps you to attract quality traffic to your store and improves your ROI.
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Rich Snippet - SEO Structured Data
Google Rich Snippet is a plugin that allows you to post an extended description of web pages based on shema.org structured data algorithms. An improved snippet will draw the user's attention to the content by providing complete information about the product, event, service, etc. By optimizing the description of the web page, site traffic and user loyalty will increase.
More about this component You can read here

Open Graph protocol
The Open Graph protocol allows any web page to become a full-fledged object on social networks, colorfully presenting it inside a news feed. This protocol allows you to use the capabilities of social networks in search engine optimization in full force, increasing the clickability of links to the site that users share in their profiles. The Open Graph protocol must be used to make the preview of web pages on social networks watchable and suitable for automatic processing by a search engine.
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