Disabling attributes and attribute groups

Disabling attributes and  attribute groups
The disable attributes and attribute groups module is designed to disable the necessary attributes and attribute groups

By default in Opencart there are no such features in this connection you have to delete attributes in each product or if it is a group then all the attributes of the group.

Using the module we can simply disable the necessary attributes or completely disable the attribute group

For example:

If the attribute group has 1 attribute with the value

Current - 220 Volts

When the current attribute is turned off
this means that the attribute group remains empty in this case it will also be hidden and will not be displayed as empty

This way we won't need to delete this attribute from all products

The module does not overwrite files - it Works on an Ocmod file

Installation is simple:
    Download the file install the modifier via the modifier installer or upload the xml file to the /system folder and rename it to name.ocmod.xml
    Update ocmod modifiers
    Go to the attributes and attribute group (an sql query will be executed to add the necessary fields to the database)
    Set the required values

The module is available on all versions of Opencart/Ocstore 2.x-3.0


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