Filter by attributes and attribute text

Filter by attributes and attribute text
You can use the module to filter the product by attribute name and attribute text (Filled in in the product profile)
You can put each filter separately or both together - different archives

For example, there is a product with the attribute :
Weight: 15 grams
For other products:
Weight: 15 kg

When filtering 15 the result is given for both products where the value 15 is assigned

You can view it on Demo

The module does not replace engine files - it works on Oc mode
Installation is simple:
  • Download the file install the modifier via the modifier installer or upload the xml file to the /system folder and rename it to name.ocmod.xml
  • Update ocmod modifiers
  • Go to the product profile
  • [*]Rejoice

    The module is available on all versions of Opencart/Ocstore 2.x-3.0


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