Zain Cash OC_3.0.X

Zain Cash OC_3.0.X
Zain Cash extension for OpenCart (3.0.x)

This is a Zain Cash Payment Gateway Extension for Opencart 3.0.x.
if you need any support for integration contact us on

At ZainCash, we are committed to providing the most secure, reliable and user-friendly
payment processing solutions. By partnering with us for your payment processing needs,
you can be confident that payment transactions will be processed quickly and efficiently,
and your customers’ information will be safe.
You’ll enjoy our easy set-up using our extension and easy integration with our APIs.
With ZainCash as your payment processor, you’ll benefit from the fastest, most secure, and
cost-effective payment processing in the industry.
ZainCash extension is using ZainCash API which is a RESTful resource. In order to integrate with
ZainCash Payment extension for your eCommerce solution, you will need the credentials of
your ZainCash Merchant Account. If you do not have a merchant account.
It's important to note that the ZainCash payment extension are constantly evolving, and
updates are usually done every quarter, if required. ZainCash will intimate any major extension
change, so it’s important that you check your merchant dashboard notification or e-mail,
frequently to be updated.
1.1 Test Merchant Account v/s Live Merchant Account
ZainCash does not offer an explicit Sandbox / Testing environment. But using a demo
account, you can freely test all the functionalities and integrate our API and extension without
any hassle. In order to move to LIVE PRODUCTION environment.
if you need any support for integration contact us on

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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11 Sep 2020

24 Apr 2020
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