Shipping By Product

Shipping By Product

This shipping method module allows you to set different shipping price for each product. Also you will be able to set additional shipping price for each additional product in the same order.

1. Limit quantity per shipping, to set max product quantity per one shipping. When this limit will be exceeded shipping price will be changed to the main shipping price.
2. Shipping price for one product.
3. Additional shipping price for each additional product.
4. Possibility set different sipping price based on different geo zones.
5. Display/Hide shipping price on product page

1. Extract the downloaded archive.
2. Enter OpenCart's administration menu and use extension Installer.
3. Upload zip file.
4. Refresh modifications, go to Extension > Extension > Shiiping > By Product Based Shipping and click "install" when you install your module click "Edit" button.
5. Set your desired shipping price, shipping price for each additional product in the cart, product limit per shipping and the rest settings, enable the module and save.
6. Edit each product shipping price. Choose your Catalog -> Product, click Shipping tab and set shipping price, shipping price for each additional product in the cart. Save product settings.

No core files will be replaced.


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