Stock Validation in Product Page

Stock Validation in Product Page
This extension check if is possible add the quantity selected in product page into the cart and show a message below the "add to cart" button or the product option that has not enough stock
- check the number of the current product already included in the cart [in cart]
- check the number in stock for the product (valid for product with and without options) [in stock]
- Check if it is possible to add the quantity selected => [quantity] + [in cart] <= [in stock]
- Show errors in case not enough stock is detected
All Opencart versions: vqmod and ocmod version included

UPDATED 2020-09-06:
- Validation message is programed to appeared in two ways
- 1st after the "add tocart" button ,as a text. This is the default option
- 2nd as a dialog (javascript alert) this happen if your theme has been modified or you are using a commercial one (the code needs a location to show the default message and you current theme code does not contain that secction).

For customizations, or additional support (add new features to this module) send me a message

My extension is FREE and it was tested in all opencart versions listed in download page
Many people is aking me for support thinhgs related to opencart customizations, theme or issues related to other modules
So please only ask me just if you are sure that my module has an issue
Comments like "it does not work" or "for me not appeared" are going to be ignored and removed if you dont provide minimal information for me to check :
- opencart version,
- current theme (and version)
- ocmod modification log
- link of the product you are testing in your site
- Access FTP to your hosting (in case you can not provide the other info)

What customers say about Stock Validation in Product Page

The support is very, very excellent and the developer is very helpful and doesn't skimp on time or effort in helping Thank you so much If you encounter any problem, do not hesitate to contact support
Nice extension, it does what it is supposed to.

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