Paypal Express Checkout Recurring Fix

Paypal Express Checkout Recurring Fix
PayPal Express Checkout: Recurring Payments Duplicate Charge Fix

The situation: You have a product for sale that uses a Recurring Profile, such as a monthly subscription box.
The problem: When a customer purchases and pays using PayPal Express Checkout, they get charged twice for their initial payment.
The solution: This extension!

With this extension, PayPal Checkout will honour the payment interval chosen by you in the recurring profile options, and set up the recurring payments to begin after the correct amount of time has passed.
No longer will your customers be charged twice when purchasing a subscription!

By delaying the first recurring payment, this also means you can choose to have a different price for the initial payment (for example, £5 for the first payment then £10 every month after).

Compatible with: OpenCart; 2.x; 3.x


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31 Jul 2020

29 Apr 2020
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