SEO Images Generator - Alt, Title, File Name OpenCart 1.5-3

SEO Images Generator - Alt, Title, File Name OpenCart 1.5-3

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"Custom Image Titles Generator" plugin generates custom image title tags for products from relevant keywords from product and category names.

There are available the following parameters for replacing by their actual value:
  • %p - product's name,
  • %c - category's name,
  • %m - model,
  • %s - product's SKU,
  • %u - product's UPC,
  • %b - product's brand,
  • %$ - product's price.

Example: %p (%m) by - will generate the following custom image title tags for a product called 'Smartphone' with model = 'Model 1': Smartphone (Model 1) by
Before generating custom image title tags, if you have modified parameters, don't forget to save them using the “Save Parameters” button!

We also strongly recommend that you backup your images before using our plugin.

  • Automatic generation of image tags from sections such as "product category", "name", "model", etc.;
  • The wide selection of shortcodes;
  • It doesn’t make changes in the site's code;
  • Support for a large number of images;
  • Cron Jobs for re-name Images;
  • Simple install.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 6 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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22 Sep 2020

29 Apr 2020
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