Multivendor Pos

Multivendor Pos
Opencart Multi Vendor POS 

With this module, vendors can easily sell goods from one outlet of the store connected with their online store. Each seller’s physical store can be managed with this OpenCart multivendor POS module.
By connecting offline stores with online websites, store owners can automatically update their online inventory through point-of-sale software. Invoicing, billings, and inventory can be handled automatically by syncing all physical data. 
The Opencart Multi Vendor of Sale System (POS) is an add-on to the Multivendor platform.
NOTE: You must have Opencart Multivendor installed for accessing the POS module.

You Must Need To Buy Multivendor Module First

Advantages of Multi Vendor POS
Install POS software in your multivendor store and enjoy its amazing features. With this multivendor Opencart Point-of-Sale, you can boost sales at your retail locations. Retail establishments can assist customers in making judgments about purchases in addition to handling transactions. 

Manage Physical Store
With OpenCart multi-vendor point of sales, vendor store owners can connect one outlet. When a vendor sells the product at an outlet the POS system will automatically update the stock and order information on the vendor's online store.  

Assign Sale Agents
The store owner can allow one or multiple user agents for the outlet. Assignment of products will be done by admin as per the requirement of each outlet.  The sale agent will get their own panel. The user agents who are managing the outlets have their own POS panel to manage order transactions of the outlet. 

Easy to Access:
This module's elegant and contemporary user interface enables simple control of sales orders, deliveries, and payments in one location. User-friendly features and straightforward dashboard access make retail store operations more effective. 

Invoicing Management: 
Opencart POS maintains all data in one location, allowing the admin to process billing more quickly. Four distinct POS screens are supported. 

Split Payment: 
When a customer wants to pay the money through a different payment mode. The vendor can select the payment method as split payment. The sale agent can select the multiple payment methods that customers offer to complete the order.

Partial payment: 
This can be very useful to your regular or known customers who are ready to pay the partial payment and want to complete the order. Just select Part Payment in the payment method. Next time a customer comes back, the sale agent can see the customer pending payment by going to the part payment section of OpenCart multi vendor POS.

Hold Order:
It helps the sale agent to faster the order completion process. If a customer has a problem with their selected products or a payment issue arises at the customer end, then mark their order HOLD. Proceed to the next customer’s orders. When the customer is ready to complete their order, just select that customer order from the hold order list. 

Return Option: 
Designate the order as a return when the consumer comes to send back the purchases. Customers and store owners can specify the reason for returning the order or just write it down. OpenCart multi-vendor POS system generates the return order report. This report has all the detail that helps the management to get the repeated reasons for return order by customer. This way management can take necessary decisions to reduce the return.

Search By Barcode Reader: 
The sale agent or vendor can scan the barcode and get the product into the cart. It is convenient for both the sale agent and the customer. It improves the order process significantly.

Manual Search of The Products:
The filter option allows vendors to look up customers and goods. A number of parameters can be added, such as a name, id, code, etc. 

Inventory barcode management: 
It allows vendors to choose several items and generate a barcode by clicking the Generate Barcode button. Vendors can generate the barcode for a single product too. It takes the product Id or product model to generate the barcode, According to the selected setting, multi vendor POS will generate the barcode for the product.

Print The Barcode: 
Select the products whose you want to print the barcode. Hit the print button present at the top-right of the page. It will print the barcodes as POS barcode settings. For example, The POS will generate one or more barcodes for a single product, size of the barcode will be taken from the OpenCart multivendor POS system setting.  

Coupon And Voucher: 
This OpenCart plugin makes it simpler for physical retailers to redeem coupons and vouchers. Installing POS systems is fully transparent and applies the same accounting for coupons and vouchers at your physical store that applies to your website.

Printing Customize Invoice: 
You can produce an invoice and alter its size while printing with this Opencart Point-of-Sale multi vendor system. Vendors can easily alter the margins to left, right, top, and bottom. 

Track Reports Anytime: 
Store owners are able to view their sales and commission reports as per sales agents through Multi-vendor's POS system. Sales reports can be accessed by different stores every day, month, quarter, and year. 

Multiple currencies support: 
Businesses can globally operate their physical stores. Various currencies and languages can be used to set up stores. Customers from around the world can be served with Multivendor Point of Sale.

Que: Does it provide a Barcode Scanning Search Feature? 
Ans: Yes, the system provides you with an inbuilt barcode reader. By connecting your barcode scanner with POS, you can label your products with the barcode and print the same from the admin panel. With this system, customers can get information about the product right after scanning the barcode of that product. 

Que: Can a single outlet is capable of making multiple sales agent? 
Ans: Yes with POS, multiple sales agents can be assigned a single outlet. 

Que: Will POS automatically connect with the existing OpenCart Multi-vendor System?
Ans: After the installation of the point of sale system on your multivendor website, the POS system will appear on all the vendor stores. They can connect their physical store with the online store.


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