Howuku - Heatmaps, Surveys, and A/B Testing

Howuku - Heatmaps, Surveys, and A/B Testing
Boost your website conversions and gain user behavior insights with A/B Testing, Heatmaps and Visitor Recordings.

Howuku is an easy to use and free forever UX testing solution with various conversion optimization tools. See what visitors do on your website, and how they react differently to a new split test experiment. You will be receiving an alert notification on every frustrated customer activities so you don’t have to keep checking manually endlessly and can take action immediately.

Our mission is to make an analytics tool that anyone can use without the need of hiring developers or data scientist to access YOUR website data.

This plugin will allows you to easily setup Howuku Analytics on your Opencart website. Install the plugin and add your Howuku tracking code to start tapping into user insight.

Register an account at Howuku Signup and get started for free!

* Easy to use A/B testing and Website Personalization visual editor
* Downloadable Recordings and Heatmaps in .MP4 and .PNG format
* Realtime automated alert notification on website fault
* Feedback and polls widget to collect product feedback
* Support for Ajax and single-page app
* Filtering and segmentation
* Mobile, tablet, and PC recordings


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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11 Jul 2020

1 Jun 2020
Howuku Analytics
Howuku Analytics
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