Order with Prescription

Order with Prescription
Overview of Order with Prescription Module

The order with the prescription module is an essential module for businesses that sell items related to the pharmaceutical industry where it is not legal to distribute any product without a prescription.
A pharmaceutical company, or drug company, is a commercial business licensed to research, develop, market, and/or distribute drugs, most commonly in the context of healthcare.
So if you are a store owner who deals in healthcare products probably this module will play a huge role in selling your products more to your customers online.
Because you can restrict a particular product or a category from being processed without a prescription while placing an order by a customer.
This module shall ensure that the prescription is uploaded by a user and it will be reflected on the Admin dashboard.
Admin can check the prescription from under his panel.
On finding the prescription valid, the goods can be delivered to the customer and this is exactly how the order with prescription module works for online stores.

How does this module work for your business?

This module when installed correctly in your store, allows several benefits for your business.
As a seller of medicines and drugs, this module will restrict the customer to purchase a product from your store where a prescription is a must for that specific item.
And it will ensure that no products get delivered without a prescription to avoid any kind of chaos as per the rules defined for selling a specific drug item or any other item where the prescription is mandatory.
During the checkout process, this module will allow the system to put on hold if the customer does not upload a prescription as per the requirement.
And as soon as a customer uploads the document, the order will get executed immediately and the prescription will be available for access to both the owner and the customer.

Features of Order with Prescription Module:

Prescription Setting In Admin Panel:
This module provides a powerful setting for admin to enable or disable the module from within the module.

It also allows the selection of products and categories to which prescriptions should be made mandatory and define the type of file that is preferred for uploads.

Prescription List On Customer Account:
If the customer places an order from within the account. The prescription that is uploaded by the customer is available for view by the customer from customer accounts.

Prescription Download By Admin And Customer:
The upload document is available for downloads from both the customer account and the admin panel where customers can download the prescription for his or her account and the admin can download from the admin panel.

Saved Prescription:
The prescription is one of the important documents for store owners on whose behalf the goods are delivered to the customer. Hence the module keeps a list of all the prescriptions as saved documents in the list of prescriptions as saved documents for future downloads or references.

Upload Prescription:
Uploading of prescription is super easy on the Order with Prescription module. Before submitting the order on your website. The module will prompt the user to upload their valid document. The document can be uploaded via desktop or mobile where the file is located

Support All Version:
This module support all versions of OpenCart such as OpenCart 3.x, 2.x, and 1.5x. So you will not find any issue with this module.

No Core File Overwrite:
The module will not overwrite any of your core files, so you can install this module without any doubt. However, it is better to take a backup of your website for any kind of discrepancy.

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