Quick / Bulk Status Update

Quick / Bulk Status Update
Overview of Quick/Bulk Status Update Module

The quick/bulk status update module lets you save a good amount of time in context to how you activate or deactivate your inventory status on the store.
The module is beneficial for store owners who have bulk uploads such as products or categories on the store.
Therefore this module will assist you to change the status of your products and product categories with the click of a button.
So if you have a large number of items and products in your store. It is certain that some products may not be available with due course of time or you would want to discontinue some slow-moving items in the store.
Maybe you would want to discontinue a product category itself or upload a few products or complete product categories that you want to start later. In this case, this module will definitely save your precious time.
In that case, store admin can enable or disable such items or product categories very easily in their store.

Benefits of Quick/Bulk Status Update Module

As the name implies the module quick/bulk staus update is meant for doing your work fast and in bulk.
The main benefits of this module include a fast change of status for all products or categories in your store.
You do not need to move to product/item master for editing one by one item or product category.
So this is one of the main reasons why we built this module to enable easy store product and category maintenance.
You can select the product & Category in bulk than update all their status at once and at one go.
This saves a lot of time for admin trying to search for a particular product for updates or product categories updates.

Features of Quick/Bulk Status Update Module

Update Multiple product status in one click
There is nothing better than any update in a single click and this is what this module provides to the OpenCart store owners. Updating multiple products or product categories is now easy with a quick bulk status update module for OpenCart users.

Update Multiple Category status in one click
It works the same as multiple products update in one click. So it will make your job comfortable during any category status updates or multiple categories updates.

Update status Without page Load
Normally when you update a product, the page is uploaded again and again. With this module, you do not have to worry about page upload and refreshing. The status of your products is uploaded on a single screen with the click of a second.

Category, Product, change the status
Both products and categories can be updated at one go so you can save more time and enjoy your time for other important activities on your E-Commerce store.

No Core File Change
The module will not overwrite any of your core files, so you can install this module without any doubt. However, it is better to take a backup of your website for any kind of discrepancy.



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