Product Option Copy

Product Option Copy
The module allows to copy options from product to product (including combinations of related options, parent-child dependencies and product option images).

Main features of the module:

  • copy selected options from product to product
  • copy options to many products at once (by category or manufacturer)
  • copy combinations of related options with all their properties (created using Related Options or Related Options PRO
  • copy parent-child option dependencies together with options (created using Parent-child Options)
  • copy product option images linked with copying option values (assigned using Product Option Image PRO or Product Option Image Ultimate)
  • replace or replenish options existing in target products
  • display results of option copying (complete list of updated products)

We also recommend:
  • Live Price - to dynamic price update (including discounts, special etc) on product page, depending on selected options and quantity.
  • Live Price PRO - improved version of Live Price module, which allows not only to update the price depending on selected options and quantity on product pages, but also to set global discounts and specials, to set discounts and specials in percentage and has more useful pricing features.
  • Related Options -to create combinations of related product option values and set stock, price, model etc. for each combination. It's useful for sales of products, having interlinked options, such as size and color for clothes (recommended to use with the Live Price module).
  • Related Options PRO - improved version or Related Options module, which allows to create different combinations of options values per one product.
  • Parent-child Options - to show/hide child options (option groups) depending on selected values of parent options.
  • Product Option Image PRO - to assign images to options (or options to images) and change main product image and list of additional images on product page depending on selected options (allows to set several images per option value).
  • Product Option Image Ultimate - to improve option image functionality making the administration work easier (selecting many images at once, simple sort order for options images, setting images for combinations of related options, etc.)

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What customers say about Product Option Copy

Thanks! Works perfectly!
Very handy tool, saves heaps of time. Developer is very responsive and easy to work with *****
Module does not work, throws PHP error about not being able to load the model during checkout.


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