Image Compress with reSmush for OpenCart 1.5-3.*

Image Compress with reSmush for OpenCart 1.5-3.*

     Use the "Image Compress with reSmush" to optimize images' size in your store, make your pages’ load faster, save space, and rank better in Google. You can set up a CRON job to automatically compress your product images.

! - Increase your SEO rank by having a faster site load.
! - Improve your customers' attitude by getting them a faster pages' load.

     Easily and FREE compress JPG, GIF, and PNG images by reSmush service. Reduce images' size significantly by compressing them, even for shops with more 100.000 products. On average, JPG images are compressed by 40-60% and PNG images by 50-80% WITHOUT visible loss in quality.
It makes it possible to save a lot of disk space on the server.

Lazy loading is an additional way to improve the page's loading time and overall performance.
Lazy load defers loading of ALL your images not just catalog images, for example, it lazy loads: logo, cms images, module images, theme images, etc.

     Also, using this plugin, you can create a complete site map with an XML image in a few seconds to upload it to Webmaster from Google and Yandex. It increases your shop rating and improves its SEO by allowing Google to scan all of your site images.

  • Adds gzip compress for Apache server
  • It saves original image files
  • Added lazy load for images
  • Auto convert images (run CRON command)
  • You can change the quality of compress
  • You can choose files which you want to compress
  • The module does not delete your images' classes in frontend
  • It compresses an unlimited number of images
  • Create an XML images sitemap

This plugin can compress:
  • product images
  • manufacturer images
  • banner images
  • extension images
  • option voucher images

Attention!!! For the plugin to work correctly, you need to consider the following details:

  • The plugin works correctly, when you activate the PHP-Imagick extension.
  • The extension works with themes such as: Journal2, Journal3 and others.
  • The plugin works on servers under Apache2, Nginx.
  • When using Nginx server. To redirect to webp images, you need to add configurations to * .conf of your Nginx server
  • The plugin does not work with Microsoft IIS without the Rewrite module.
  • There may be a conflict with the OpenCart Lightning plugin. To resolve the conflict, you need to make changes to the DIR_APLICATION file (controller / extension / lightning / zero.php) - replace the text "php html htm xml yml" with "jpg jpeg png php html htm xml yml".
  • The plugin will not work if you have the Pagespeed Module enabled on the server from Google.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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