Coupon After Tax

Coupon After Tax
"Coupon After Tax" is an extension for Opencart CMS versions 2.3.x/3.x. The extension allows to apply the percentage discount provided by a coupon to the cart sub-total amount including tax/VAT, instead of the default behaviour, where the coupon discount applies to the sub-total before tax/VAT.

* Applies percentage discount provided by a coupon to the cart sub-total amount including tax

* 1.1.0 - 2020.12.15, changelog on GitHub

* See How-To on Github

Live demo
* Admin
* Front - COUPON(10%): SALE10

* GitHub
* Add-ons

* End-User License Agreement

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What customers say about Coupon After Tax

Very nice contact with the Support & module creator, who helped me finalize installation and modify also my configuration so that everything worked perfectly. Very professional and very pleasant contact.


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