OpenCart Dropshipping App (Amazon & AliExpress)

OpenCart Dropshipping App (Amazon & AliExpress)
With our Reoon OpenCart Dropshipping Software, you can easily import and drop-ship thousands of products directly from Amazon & AliExpress with just a few clicks. When customer buy anything from you, all you have to do is just purchase that product from Amazon/AliExpress at your customer’s name. Amazon or AliExpress seller will ship that product to your customer. You do not even need to manage the products inventory.

Top Features:
    - Single Click Product Import from Amazon & AliExpress.
    - We allows you to import thousands of products to your store from Amazon & AliExpress with just a single click.
    - Automatic Image Import.
    - Add Images in Description Automatically.
    - Import Product Reviews.
    - Dynamic Pricing Formula.
    - Price Monitoring & Repricing.
    - Stock Monitoring & Restocking.
    - Regular Automated Monitoring and Notifications.
    - Single Click Products Publish & End.
    - Auto Translate to Your Preferred Language.
    - Built in Product Scraper.
    - Easy Category Setup.
    - Super Simple User Interface.
    - Ultra Low Bandwidth Consumption.
    - Build-in Proxy Support.
    - Export Sales Report.
    - Super Friendly Customer Support.
    - And lot more.

Installation Documentations:
    - Download and install the Reoon API (This one) on your OpenCart Store.
    - Install the extension from Extensions –> Installer –> Upload the Extension.
    - If the installation fails (permission error), install the extension "Fix OC 3.x Extension Installer" first and try again.
    - Go to Extensions –> Extensions –> Choose the extension type “Feeds”.
    - Press the Edit button of Reoon API.
    - Enable the Reoon API, type a Secret Key and press the save button.
    - Download the Desktop App from our official website and install it on your computer.
    - Start enjoying our service. Contact us if you need any help.

System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows / Mac
Internet Connection

** Everything will be done and managed by our Desktop App. This extension works as a bridge between your store and our Desktop App. This extension will allow you to connect your OpenCart Store to our Desktop App.

Please visit our website for full details:

Video Demonstration:

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What customers say about OpenCart Dropshipping App (Amazon & AliExpress)

I was looking for a way to source products for my newly developed store. Thanks to this app, now I can have a lot of products in my store without extra investments.
cool app
It's working ! I wasn't understanding some part of it, but with the help of super friendly support, now everything is cool !

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