X-Combination is a smart and intuitive module to create a combinational product offer. It lets you create a combinational offer with different product rules that could a product or category or manufacturer. It automatically adds the offered product to your customer cart whenever it is possible.

Here is the features list:
1. Different kind of products rules e.g. product, category, and manufacturer, a product option
2. General restriction e.g. Customer Group, Store, Date, time, days.
3. Multiple Offer products are possible i.e. number of offer products is flexible
4. All Offers page via shortcode i.e. turn any information page into available offers page
5. Offer detail can be shown on the Category/product page
6. Offer Countdown
7. Multiple Offer products
8. Customize color from module setting

Example Combination
1. Buy two and get one free to specific Categories/manufactures
2: Buy ANY two from category A and get one free
3. Buy two from category A or B and get one free
4. Buy ANY two from category A or B and get one free
5. Buy one from category A and two from category B and get the one discounted product.
6. Buy two and get a 50% discount of one product to specific Categories
7. Buy One and get two free to specific Categories
8. Buy two from category A and pick a gift product from X, Y, and Z
9. Buy One from category A and One from Brand B and pick a gift product from X, Y, and Z
10. Buy two large products, get a small product free!
11. Many more ...
Please check this post to check the configuration

Admin Demo: Click Here

Site Demo:

Example 1: Click Here
Example 2: Click Here

Offer Page: Click Here

What customers say about X-Combination

Do not think twice in buying this module if you need a solution for product combo's. If it doesn't do exactly what you need, I am sure the developer will come up with a solution.


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