Advanced Orders List

Advanced Orders List
This extension will show all important information on your order in the orders list. It bring advanced filtering to the table. All order edits has been done in the same screen without refresh. The Order is loaded in a popup.

Extension features:

  • Extended information for the order in one screen
  • Sorting and Filtering done without page refresh
  • Filtering has advanced features (explained below)
  • Order view in a popup
  • Order edit in a popup
  • Columns could be toggled. Unclutter your table and exclude the columns you don't need

Advanced filter:
Those rules apply on all fields which contain number or date e.g. ID, Date added, total etc.

use N> for greater than. For example 10> will show products with price bigger or equal to 10
use <N for lower than. For example <100 this will show products with price lower or equal than 100
use N<N for between for example 10<50 which will show products with price between 10 and 50.

Demo server

We are open to ideas/suggestions
Hey, this extension is quite new. If you have some ideas how to improve it, shout out in the comments and we will try to implement it in the best way for the community.

What customers say about Advanced Orders List

Developer is very responsive, one of the best admin order listing extension


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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14 May 2024

14 Aug 2020
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