Restaurant & food Corner POS

Restaurant & food Corner POS
What is a Restaurant & Food Corner POS?

The Restaurant and Food Corner POS is an improved, modern and user-friendly POS system for Restaurants, Food courts, and Food Corners.
It is beneficial for both large and small food courts with multi floors with a concurrent number of tables and large sitting arrangements.
The POS system connects your website with OpenCart POS Module to offline store using the OpenCart Point of Sale System.
The Restaurant Point of Sale module also delivers great values for customers without having to wait for an attendant to accept their orders on the table. They can simply choose their table and order on the system.
On the other hand, it is effective for Restaurant owners to manage sales orders, kitchen order taking, billing, and inventory all at one place in a systematic manner without any chaos.

Overview of Restaurant & Food Corner POS by TMD?

The Restaurant POS system is an integrated and automated POS system interlinked with various departments such as the store, kitchen, banquet hall, dining hall, and cash counter.
So you can easily manage the complete lifecycle of an order by the customer with the seamless flow of information from one department to another and execute orders sequentially on time.
TMD Restaurant & food Corner POS system allows you to sell your products i.e enter orders from your store for walk-in customers without any signup and sync online with your OpenCart store thus making sales more effective, consolidated and automatic.
So you can keep track of sales and inventory with a physical system on the store and an application to manage your invoicing, billing & inventory.
Hence implementing this POS system on cafes and restaurant can make life easy for concerned restaurant owners and indeed all working staffs with a strongly connected platform.
So what does the system do for you?
Let us take a look at some of the benefits below
Benefits of Restaurant & Food Corner POS

It accepts orders from customers through Tablets on the Table and captures all info from the POS screen without involving any physical person or attendant to take the order.
Customer can place their order manually from the tab and the table is automatically assigned. The bill can be paid automatically through cards or by cash manually.
As soon as an order is saved by the user on the table, the order gets reflected on the kitchen as pending orders and the kitchen authority can accept or refuse the order.
Once the order is granted for made to order, kitchen authority can mark the order as complete and the food is ready to be delivered to the desired customer on the table his or her allotted table.
The table number is usually fixed by default so the customer needs to select any table number.
This POS software can generate SMS for users and staff to collect the food to the table from where the order was placed.
SMS can be generated even for the customer at the same time that the food is ready and prepared for customer on table number (X)
So either customer can pick the food from the food court else your stuff can deliver and serve the food to your customer upon SMS receipt.
For any self-help food courts, this POS system will be an added advantage.
The Top 7 Features of Restaurant & Food Corner POS

1.Capture Self Order Via POS Screen on Table
The POS Screen is the front end part of this module.
This allows customers to place orders directly from the table and it is automatically reflected in the Kitchen.
The POS screen is divided into 2 parts the left pane and the front pane.
The left pane considers the top broad categories of foods and types of foods it also indicates whether a customer is interested to take breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
The right pane displays the sub menus items of the left pane categories. So this usually provides your customers with a great user experience where they are able the search for the perfect food that is searching for and it is easy and fast.
The + Sign indicates the quantity of an item added to cart and the price and quantity are displayed at the right end corner of the screen with the best visual display to request an order.
2. Kitchen Order Management Via Dashboards

As soon as an order is placed by a customer, table no. and floor no. of your restaurant will be automatically captured on the screen and reflected on the KOT dashboard.

The KOT dashboard is a dynamic screen that helps kitchen staff to accept or reject any order and process the order for completion.
There is much information about an order that is displayed on the KOT for a particular order such as
* Order ID
* Customer Name
* Floor and Table No.
* Item Ordered
* Order Status
On click, the order pops up for kitchen authority to accept or reject the order. The order can be accepted after confirmation from the cash counter that payment has been received for so and so order number.

This ensures that the order can be accepted and allow the process of the order.
3. SMS Notification to Customers/Staff on Order Processing
SMS is a part of the notification process.
Notifications can be generated for customers, staff, and admin as well at every stage of the order processing.
The notification can come from various sources such as alerts for order acceptance, order confirmation, order processed, and so on.
This module also allows the use of various notification that is an important part of the customer retention process and customer delight.
So these notifications basically ensure customers about the stage of their order during their waiting period on the table until the food is processed and served.

4. Integrate Bill of Material/ Keep Track of Inventory
The restaurant POS module is tightly integrated with the inventory in the store.
And the finished items are attached to the bill of material in the product master. The bill of the material accepts quantity in decimals to accomplish an approximate calculation.

So when an order gets complete that raw materials get deducted from the store as it is attached to the bill of material on the product master.
The raw material is captured via Raw Material Mater that is available in the Kitchen Management tab.

The finished goods are captured via product master in the catalog tab and the product master is interlinked with raw materials tab
There are a number of raw material that is used particularly to process a type of food.

So this includes the use of raw materials, and you can capture all raw materials into the system via the raw material master.
The raw material master is available in the kitchen management tab which allows admin to capture material quantity and cost per unit.
This allows stock management for raw materials and stock for the kitchen.
The stock can also be displayed on the KOT screen along with the order by including a bill of material for a finished item.
The bill of material can be configured in the product master where admin can set various raw materials needed to make a finished food item.
So this features allows you to prepare BOM for all finished items and get display on the screen KOT if any particular raw material exists or consumed to make the finished item on order.
5. Collect Payment Info. of Customers
This module allows the customer to place an order along with the payment details on the screen.

So this feature automatically captures whether the payment is done via Cash Manually or by using the card options.
Therefore Card details and other info. can be captured along with the order to ensure which payment methods have been used to confirm an order.
6. Create a Sale Invoice / Bill for Payment Complete
POS system allows you to Invoice the order via a different POS screen from the cash counter. To know more about invoicing and billing you may refer to TMD POS Billing.
7. MIS Reports for Restaurant Owners & Admins
The Restaurant POS module provides three MIS report for admin to get the overall performance of the restaurant. These are
* Sale Reports: This report provides information about all orders status including filters to choose a particular date and order type and includes all item details and customer info. along with the time and date of order capture.
* Consumption of Raw Material: The consumption of raw material displays the quantity of all items that are consumed to date or date wise.
* Profit Report: The profit report can be fetched by admin on a day to day basis to regulate the profit and loss report of the restaurant on items processed. This report provides the use of raw material costs in comparison to sold prices and profit and loss margins are displayed.

The payment can also be split in terms of cash and card and other payment methods that are used to complete full payment for the order.
Help & Support:

Got pre-sales questions or have any questions about support. Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it to work for you.


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