Mega Tag Builder Opencart 2 - 3

Mega Tag Builder Opencart 2 - 3
The module allows you to display tags in the site category. Such a tag cloud is used to meet the requirements of Search Engines as well as for user convenience.

Admin panel

The module has many settings.
Each tag cloud can have a parent category.
Cloud output - has three types:
1 Simple - one by one.
2 Simple - one by one with a spoiler that expands the tags on click
3 With slider - Carousel output

The module makes it possible to display an unlimited number of tags of different types at the top and bottom of the page and hide the title

All links in the module are multilingual. What will allow you to do website promotion in any language

Installing the module
1 Unpack the archive and select the archive for your version of Opencart
2 Select a module for your php version (in the file name) - the version can be found on your host
3 Install the module by installing modules in the admin part of the site
4 Update modifiers
5 In System-> Users-> User group set checkboxes for the mwcscat module or set all checkboxes
6 Update modifiers

A link to enter the module will appear in the Catalog section


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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9 Sep 2020
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