SMS Confirmation at Checkout

SMS Confirmation at Checkout

Anti fraud system by SMS
Send SMS code verification for the selected payment method before confirming order. For example: you can verify customer order for the COD (Cash On Delivery) payment method.

The SCC extension is an anti fraud system which allows you to:
  • Confirm with the user the selected payment method.
  • Avoid bogus COD (for example) orders/customers refusing to accept orders at the time of delivery.
  • Make sure that is not a robot making order.
  • Engage customers, increase confidence.
  • Allow customer to resend SMS if SMS was not received first time.
  • Allow customer to received the SMS on another mobile number different from the one registered in his account.
  • Allow customer to skip the verification and flag the order using a custom order status.

Why do you need this module?
Some stores have disabled some payment methods like Cash On Delivery due to recent increase in bogus COD orders/customers refusing to accept orders at the time of delivery.
This stores ask the user if he is already one of their loyal customer/genuine customer, then choose another payment method and reply to order confirmation email after placing the order. They will accept COD orders just after receiving customer email confirmation…
Cumbersome, awkward, clunky and definitely not good for a fluent business.

So what is the solution?
The SCC extension is going to make the purchase process seamless while helping resolving the payment methods problem.
In the checkout page, when user chooses Cash On Delivery for example, when he clicks on the continue button, we send him a SMS containing a code, we open a popup to make the process more delightful. The customer enters the code he received by SMS. When Successful, he is authorized to continue the checkout process at the final pane.
This extension has support for multilanguage.


  • smshare extension: This extension requires smshare module to work.
  • This extension has been extensively tested with default Opencart Theme without custom checkout plugins. When using custom checkout plugins that modify heavily the classical checkout process, it is worth noting that some additional integration work may be needed at additional cost.


Before SMS confirmation can work on demo, you must configure the smshare module so that it knows how to send the confirmation SMS

Documentation and Changelog are available in the download.
Please read carefully the readme file provided in the package and follow the steps described in that file.
If you don't want to install the extension yourself, please contact the support and it will be installed for you for $20.


For any question, bug, feature request or installation query, contact:



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