3 Level Mega Menu Pro

This mod to show 3 level navigation bar with image as an professional mega menu with

- Show out 3rd level child menu
# Stylish shadow hover effect on model browser
# Ability to control which category be displayed as mega menu on front site from back end

# Ability to control disable 3rd level sub categories for every 2nd categories separately from back end
# Easy to install with three way to install mod

1. Using vQMod
2. Overwrite default related files
3. Manual edit guide to edit your files manually

New column in your category table will be created automatically

Tested on oc1.5.x.x

All detail instruction is included in downloadable file.

Special offer, better price and order with MoneyBookers on my site: http://opencart.goleo.vn/downloadable and more installation service option
admin: http://goleo.vn/demo/oc15/admin user:demo / password: demo
frontsite: http://goleo.vn/demo/oc15/

or on my running site: http://goleo.vn/

Ask people in comment tab for reference site

You may want to controlled more such as:
- disable each 2nd and 3rd level categories from top menu bar separately
- show 3rd level categories as dropdown menu under 2nd category, control each by each separately
-"Top" function affect on all 3 level of categories
- Enable to control whether to show 3rd level categories' image or not

Please refer to this extension: For better menu that enable to show 3rd level menu item as list under 2nd menu item, look at Laptop - PC - Others or Software License or solution item on http://goleo.vn so please order mod "3 Level Mega Menu pro" from here


Find your suitable support here: http://goleo.vn/support


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14 Nov 2016

21 Nov 2011
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