Dream Filter

Dream Filter
The product filter for OpenCart you've been dreaming of.

For any online store, one of the most necessary modules is a product filter. The filter allows customers not to get lost among the many products and to choose the right thing for all the necessary parameters. For store owners, this is a good chance to increase sales - it will become easier for the buyer to make a choice and make a purchase.

Dream Filter is ready to use in your store. We have done a great job in order to satisfy the needs of most online store owners and to automate the entire setup routine - only the most necessary and understandable remains in the filter configuration. The interface is as simple and intuitive as possible, and many parameters contain help images for a complete understanding of the changes being made.

Works on all versions of OpenCart starting from 1.5, with any template.

Filtering is available on category, manufacturer, search and special product pages

- 16 filtering methods - by price, brand, stock availability, attributes, options, weight, etc.
- 8 types of filters - sliders, checkboxes, etc.
- 9 skins
- 9 color schemes and 29 loaders for every taste
- 2 templates - vertical and horizontal
- 2 filtering methods - with and without page reload

Demo: oc.redream.ru
Login/Password: demo/demo

For all questions: oc@redream.ru

The main advantages of the filter:
- The most convenient and intuitive control panel. All existing options, attributes, filters, categories and manufacturers are automatically pulled up, setting is done in a couple of clicks
- Highest speed of work. All methods and queries are optimized to work as quickly as possible. In a store with more than 10,000 products, filtering takes an average of 0.4 seconds. Example - dreamfilter.ru
- Convenient mobile version in 2 versions
- Convenient "slider" filter for both numerical values ​​and text. For example "M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL"
- Compatible with all templates. Adaptation is only needed in rare cases
- 8 types of filters - input field, single selection, checkbox, radio button, list, image, image (multiple selection, analog of checkboxes with images), slider
- Ability to create different filter configurations for different pages
- Working with multilingual and multicurrency websites
- Working with multi-stores. ATTENTION! the license is purchased for one domain and its subdomains. For additional domains in a multi-store, you need to purchase additional licenses
- The filter takes into account discounts and taxes in the only correct way. If the product has a discount or tax, the filter will take this into account automatically
- 2 methods of loading results - with page reload and "in real time", via AJAX
- Built-in additional functionality in the form of page navigation, sorting results and changing the number of products on the page without reloading
- Full customization of the display:
- Vertical or horizontal pattern
- 9 different skins for every taste
- 9 meticulously vivid color schemes
- 29 cool loaders
- Limiting the height of the list both by height and by the number of elements
- Block with selected parameters
- Displaying the number of products for each parameter
- Much more
- Free consultation and technical support from the developer

Filtration methods:
- By price
- By manufacturer
- By attributes
- By options
- By built-in OpenCart filters
- By stock status
- By name
- By new items (+ the ability to set how many days the product will be considered new)
- By special price (both by the availability of a discount on the product, and by the amount of the discount)
- By category
- By tags (both with an input field and a selection of existing tags)
- By rating
- By lenght
- By width
- By height
- By weight

System requirements:
For OpenCart 1.5.x:
- Php not lower than 5.6
- ionCube Loader at least 10
- Vqmod

For OpenCart 2.x and 3.x:
- Php not lower than 5.6
- ionCube Loader at least 10


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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