Antropy EU VAT Extension

Antropy EU VAT Extension
IMPORTANT! OpenCart versions and have a bug with applying modifications to theme files!
If you are running either of these versions, install this extension first:
FIX OCMod Vqmod modifications for twig files OC

This extension automatically exempts EU customers from VAT if they have a valid VAT number. It adds an extra VAT number field to customer account details and checks if it is valid - no reliance on special customer groups or custom fields. Providing a VAT number is entirely optional - if the customer doesn't provide one, checkout process works as normal with VAT applied.

For VAT numbers from EU member states, the extension uses the VIES service
( to check the validity of the VAT number.
As of the start of 2021 this service is no longer available for UK VAT numbers,
for which the extension checks if the format of the VAT number is compliant
with HMRC specifications.

The extension uses OCMOD - no installation of vQmod is required.


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28 Apr 2022

25 Sep 2020
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