Microfinance - fine-tuning prices + reports

Microfinance - fine-tuning prices + reports

Microfinance - fine-tuning prices + reports
The "Microfinance" module version 1.5.0 provides an additional financial tool to the admin panel of the standard Opencart engine. Do you suffer every time reconfiguring the price tags in each product? Do you want to raise all prices at once? Do you want to keep track of additional costs for each order? Tired of keeping track of business expenses in a notebook or Excel? Do you not understand whether you went to zero, made a profit or remained at a loss? Then this module is for you!

Main functions, capabilities and settings:
- Support for multiple stores
- Support for multiple languages
- Main files are not overwritten or replaced
- Ability to enable or disable the module at any time
- Simple and easy installation

The main functions of the ORDERS section:
This section of the module provides an opportunity to more accurately estimate the cost of an order, taking into account possible additional costs individually for each order (for example, delivery errors or manufacturing defects, and, accordingly, the costs incurred by the store due to such factors).

- Displaying the amount of the order with delivery
- Display of order amount without delivery
- Displaying the Purchase value of the order (how much this order cost in the purchase to the store)
- Display of Additional costs for the order (if it happened that you had to make a discount or there were delivery errors that resulted in additional financial costs)
- Display of the Comment of additional consumption by order
- Calculation and display of order profit (what profit the store received as a result of order fulfillment)
- Convenient filters for any of the order fields
- Ability to see the subtotal for several orders

The main functions of the PURCHASE PRICE SETTINGS section:
This section of the module provides additional options for setting prices individually for each product.

- Possibility to set the purchase price for each product
- Possibility to set an individual markup on the purchase price for each product
- Ability to create a summary setting with price ranges and the corresponding markup (for example, from 0 to 1000 rubles - 5% markup, from 1001 to 2500 10% markup, etc.)
- Ability to massively raise / lower prices for all goods by a certain percentage
- Ability to switch to the product editing interface directly from the purchase price settings table
- Convenient filters by any parameter from the table

The main functions of the EXPENSES section:
This section of the module will be most useful only for novice entrepreneurs or a group of enthusiasts developing a store. In this section, you can take into account long-term and one-time costs of the store, which are not directly related to each of the orders. For example, buying Opencart modules or ordering boxes for delivery or paying for hosting.

- Ability to customize the types of operations
- Ability to customize cost participants
- Ability to add costs
- Ability to specify the Type of operation (you can make a list of types yourself)
- Possibility to indicate whether mutual settlements have been made (if several participants are engaged in the store and the costs are divided among all)
- Ability to indicate the payer (who made the payment)
- Ability to include / exclude specific consumption in reports
- Ability to specify the period of use of this expense (for example, payment for hosting is made for 365 days)
- Ability to see the subtotal for a bundle of expenses
- Ability to edit or delete already created expenses
- Convenient filters for any of the table fields

Main functions of the Reports section:
This section provides a graph of expenses, profits and revenues, which will clearly show in what period there was a recession or recovery in the store's economy, whether the store goes into profit or remains at a loss. ATTENTION this section will display correct data only if other sections of the module are filled in correctly.

- Ability to view profit (income minus the cost of goods, additional costs for orders and distribution costs for the period)
- Ability to view revenue on orders (revenue minus cost)
- Ability to monitor the proceeds of orders (excluding delivery)
- Ability to view separately allocated expenses, expenses in the form of a cumulative schedule or additional expenses on orders
- Display of the absolute numerical value of the Allocated expenses for the period
- Display of the absolute numerical value of the Revenue for the period minus delivery
- Displaying the absolute numerical value of Profit for the period minus the costs specified in the module
- Displaying the absolute numerical value of Income for the period minus only the cost of orders

- OpenCart 3.0. *
- OpenCart 2.3. *
- OCStore 3.0. *
- OCStore 2.3. *

- php 5.6+
- ionCube

- Russian
- English

Installation instructions:
- The module is installed in a standard way.

Additional instructions after installation:
- absent

Technical support:
email - OtezVikentiy@gmail.com
telegram - @OtezVikentiy

- the license is issued for 1 domain + any number of subdomains.

- The functionality of the module is checked on the newly installed system without the participation of other modules
- Conflicts with other modules are not a critical error in the module itself and require additional customization (debugging), which usually falls on the shoulders of the store developer.
- Claims for errors resulting from conflicts with other modules / templates are not included in the free module support.

What is encrypted in the module:
- Module admin panel controller

By purchasing and installing this software product, you unconditionally and completely agree with all the points set forth in the following documents:
Support Policy
License Agreement


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