Quick Order Form - easy buy in one click (support v. 1.5-4.*)

Quick Order Form - easy buy in one click (support v. 1.5-4.*)

The Quick Order Form module is specially created to make ordering goods faster and easier for your customers.
Everyone knows that the checkout process has certain stages. It takes time to fill out the data forms. That's why not each client reaches the final stage of ordering.

Help to make the customer checkout process simple and easy. It is enough to click on the "Quick order" button and the client can order the goods without the shopping cart.

The Quick order form has fields with information about the product - name, photo, quantity (editable), total order value. In addition, the client must fill in other required fields - name, phone number, e-mail, comment for delivery and payment methods. This is enough for the online store manager to place an order.
The “Quick order” button is available in the product card and on the category page. All data of quick orders is recorded in a convenient table (section Sales > Quick order).
Also, if necessary, you can configure sending email notifications when placing new orders in your online store (the email of the online store is specified in the admin panel settings).

If you use the Quick Order Form module, you improve customer loyalty and increase the possibility of a repeat purchase.

The extension works with themes such as Journal2, Journal3, Coloring2.3, So-maxshop2.3.

  • Allow customers to checkout faster.
  • One page checkout.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Use a convenient table of quick orders.

Installation instructions:
  • Download and install the plugin;
  • Configure the fields of the "Quick order" form required for filling;
  • Indicate if you want to send an email notification to the administrator about new orders created using the quick order form;
  • Use a table with data of quick orders in the admin panel;
  • Send the ordered goods to the client;
  • Increase conversions and customer satisfaction every day.

Help / Contact us:
We will answer any questions about the module.
Email: info@pinta.com.ua

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