Password Validation / Show Hide Password - Multi-language

Password Validation / Show Hide Password - Multi-language
Why this extension?
--- English ---
This multi store/multi language extension enhances your Opencart security by changing the password requirement from the old insecure 4 - 20 characters to (PCI Compliant Password Policy:
  • A minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 20 characters
  • Lowercase letters
  • At least 1 upper case letter
  • At least 1 special character
  • At least 1 number

    This is done for all pages that require the end user to save a password, including: All Registration Pages (Customer, Affiliate and Checkout) and all Password Reset Pages (Forgotten Password Link and Reset from the Account Page)
    As a bonus we have also included a Show/Hide Password button so users can preview their entered password before submission on login page, registration page and password reset pages (including Checkout Page).

    This extension also includes an amazing password strength checker that displays in realtime the strength of the users password and shows checkmarks when the user has accomplished each password requirement.

    Go to our registration page to test this module

    --- Dutch ---
    Deze extensie voor meerdere winkels / meerdere talen verbetert uw Opencart-beveiliging door de wachtwoordvereiste te wijzigen van de oude onveilige 4 - 20 tekens in:
  • Minimaal 8 tekens en maximaal 20 tekens
  • Kleine letters
  • Ten minste 1 hoofdletter
  • Ten minste 1 speciaal karakter
  • Minimaal 1 getal

    Dit wordt gedaan voor alle pagina's waarvoor de eindgebruiker een wachtwoord moet opslaan, waaronder: alle registratiepagina's (klant, partner en afhandeling) en alle pagina's voor het opnieuw instellen van wachtwoorden (Koppeling vergeten wachtwoord en opnieuw instellen vanaf de accountpagina)
    Als bonus hebben we ook een knop Wachtwoord weergeven/verbergen toegevoegd, zodat gebruikers een voorbeeld van hun ingevoerde wachtwoord kunnen bekijken voordat ze worden ingediend op de aanmeldingspagina, registratiepagina en wachtwoordresetpagina's (inclusief afhandelingspagina).

    Deze extensie bevat ook een geweldige wachtwoord sterkte checker die in realtime de sterkte van de gebruikers wachtwoord weergeeft en toont vinkjes wanneer de gebruiker heeft voldaan aan elke wachtwoord vereiste.

    Ga naar onze registratiepagina om deze module te testen

    --- Portuguese ---
    Esta extensão multi-loja / multi-idioma aumenta a segurança do Opencart, alterando o requisito de senha dos antigos 4 - 20 caracteres inseguros para:
  • No mínimo 8 caracteres e no máximo 20 caracteres
  • Letras minúsculas
  • Pelo menos 1 letra maiúscula
  • Pelo menos 1 caractere especial
  • [*] Pelo menos 1 número

    Isso é feito para todas as páginas que exigem que o usuário final salve uma senha, incluindo: Todas as páginas de registro (cliente, afiliado e check-out) e todas as páginas de redefinição de senha (link de senha esquecida e redefinição da página da conta)
    Como bônus, também incluímos um botão Mostrar / Ocultar senha para que os usuários possam visualizar a senha inserida antes do envio na página de login, página de registro e páginas de redefinição de senha (incluindo página de check-out).

    Esta extensão também inclui um verificador de força de senha incrível que exibe em tempo real a força da senha do usuário e mostra marcas de verificação quando o usuário cumpre cada requisito de senha.

    Vá para nossa página de registro para testar este módulo

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    No core file changes, all changes are made via ocmod
    To install this module:
    Take a full backup of your website - Best practice
    Go to Extension > Installer upload the file
    Go to Extension > Modifications> Refresh Modification
    Go to Dashboard then clear both theme and SAAS Cache.
    Visit your registration pages (Affiliate and Customer) and password reset pages (Dashboard and Reset Link)
    Tested with the default theme only
    Made in English, Dutch, Portuguese - We can update to any language you want for free after you purchase this module.

    Hit the Get Support button for free remote installation support via Teamviewer/Anydesk. (No FTP or dedicated Admin Access Required).

    What customers say about Password Validation / Show Hide Password - Multi-language

    Thanks for the developer and the work he done was so professional, this extension is very useful and recommended for all opencart users.


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