Total Costs with Shipping (support v. 1.5-4.*)

Total Costs with Shipping (support v. 1.5-4.*)

The "Total Costs with Shipping" extension helps to display the valid price of the products to buyers from different countries using clear parameters.
Increase customer loyalty and reduce purchase rejection using the "Total Costs with Shipping" extension.
Because the total cost of the product is calculated dynamically taking into account price adjustments, shipping costs to a specific area, and other criteria available to the buyer.

How does it work?
The module provides an understandable system of rules with many options. That’s, you can quickly and easily customize the shipping methods to suit your business needs.
Add a method, assign cost values, and enable.

When a testing mode is enabled, you can see what expenses are displayed during ordering on the website, and what are not.

All settings are saved in the database as a backup file. You can also manually restore a backup of the settings or save the backup file after editing the settings.

You can choose from the following types of rules:
- Adjustments: fee adjustments, minimum / maximum fees, rounding fees, the application of tax classes, the determination of total cost;
- Location criteria: the country, the geographic area, the zone;
- Order criteria: the currency, the language, the store, the customer group.

For the created rules, you can define the sort order relative to each other. This sets the priorities for the rules.

  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Let the customer choose the shipping method himself.
  • Add an unlimited quantity of payments using the admin panel.
  • Create rules of payment adjustment.
  • Set payment options based on customer location criteria.
  • Set the final order value depending on the currency, language, store, or customer group.

Installation instructions:
  • Download and install the extension;
  • Set the extension settings;
  • Create payment rules based on the adjustment of fees;
  • Create payment rules based on the customer location criteria;
  • Set the final cost of the order depending on the currency, language, store, customer group;
  • Test the created rules for correct display during ordering on the website;
  • Save changes and increase customer confidence.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 6 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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