Annytab Database Optimization

Annytab Database Optimization
An administrator module to optimize the database. It enables you to update engine and collation for tables in the database. You can add indexes to tables in the database, index suggestions comes from an manual investigation of the source code. You can also drop indexes added by the module and optimize tables.

You need to drop indexes before upgrading you OpenCart store as tables is recreated as MyISAM tables and some indexes may be to large for the MyISAM-engine.

It is now possible to import dummy products to your OpenCart store and to delete dummy products. This may be useful while testing database performance or other plugins.

This module also allows you to reset the database to a default configuration, can be useful when a new OpenCart store is created. A reset of the database will delete categories, products, customers, orders and more. Autoincrement values will be reset to 1 for truncated tables. A reset of the database will also add a swedish language entry, SEK and swedish vat rates.

All operations is written to a log-file and the logs is displayed in a window.

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Johan H
No problem with this, it do that it should do.
~Johan H


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19 May 2021

17 Nov 2020
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