Opencart Delivery Boy Mobile App

Opencart Delivery Boy Mobile App
The OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App extension is designed to ease the delivery management and order tracking on the eCommerce store. For all those OpenCart merchants who are somewhere struggling with delivery management, this extension and apps can be a boon for you. This makes the delivery/order management seamless for store admin and deliveries quicker for front end buyers.

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What Does It Include?
The Delivery Mobile App extension will be on the OpenCart back-office & store admin can add delivery boys, manage them, manage orders, track progress, etc. The Android and iOS delivery boy apps will be in sync with the extension installed on the store.

How does this extension work?

1. Purchase extension and install on OpenCart store.
2. Share the pre-requisite form to create Android and iOS apps.
3. Review developed APK/IPA files & confirm to publish (Using client developer accounts).

Detailed Features of OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile Application:

1. Complete Admin Panel Control

The OpenCart Delivery Boy extension allows the store admin to add delivery boys and activate/deactivate them. With order categorization options like Open, Assigned, In progress, Delivered, etc. it becomes way simple for the admin to manage the order and get their deliveries processed.

2. Delivery Boy Login & Accessibility

The OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App can be installed by the Delivery agents on their mobile phones. Once the admin adds a delivery boy and activates the same, login credentials are sent to delivery boys via email. The same login details can be used to access the Android or iOS app.

Once the delivery boy has logged in to the OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App, he can access the dashboard, order details, accept/reject orders, and process the deliveries. The delivery boy can also contact the store admin from the app itself if required.

3. Order Dashboard Management

The home screen of the OpenCart Delivery Boy app is the dashboard screen with complete order details. With separate order category sections like Assigned, In progress, Delivered, the delivery agent will be able to get complete details with just a few clicks.

The OpenCart Order Tracking Application comes with inbuilt GPS tracking through which the delivery location can be tracked. With real-time tracking, the deliveries become seamless and quicker than usual. The extension comes with inbuilt Google Map integration in Android and iOS apps.

The order can be in any of the 3 statuses:

a) Assigned Orders
b) In progress Orders
c) Delivered Orders

4. Delivery Boy Details

The delivery agents using OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App can check their details saved by admin in the backend. The name, address, phone no, Vehicle details, bank account details (for payout), etc. are saved while adding the delivery agent in the admin panel and the same will be displayed on the Android and iOS app as well.

5. Order Acceptance/Rejection

The store owner can assign any order to any of the available delivery boys from the admin panel of the extension. The delivery agent upon logging in apps can access the assigned order and accept/reject the same. The admin will be notified about the same in the admin panel. If accepted, the delivery boy has to process its delivery, else the person has to specify the reason for the rejection. The admin can assign the rejected order to another delivery boy available.

6. OTP Verification While Order Delivery

The OpenCart Delivery Boy App extension not only makes the deliveries quicker but secure as well. Once the delivery agent has picked the order, the buyer will receive an OTP by email. While receiving the delivery the OTP is to be entered in the app by the delivery boy to mark it as complete. The admin can sit back and relax and the delivery app will make sure the deliveries are handled safely.

7. Push Notification in Delivery Boy App

The automated push notifications on the OpenCart Delivery Boy App will make sure that the delivery agent gets notified about every detail. The notification will be sent to Android and iOS apps and will be saved in the push notifications tab. The delivery agent can check and access them anytime from the app.

8. Delivery Location and Management

The OpenCart Order Tracking App for Android and iOS offers the most facile delivery management for any OpenCart store. Based on the order, the delivery agent can get the location entered by the customer while making a purchase. Even the manually entered address can be checked and processed by the delivery agent. The store merchant can also enter the delivery location (in case not entered by the customer) and the delivery agent will be notified about the same.

9. Order Delivery Management

The OpenCart Delivery Management App allows the store admin to keep an eye on the progress of the orders with real-time tracking. The owner can check delivery agents and orders assigned to them. The admin panel comes with handy settings to assign orders to the right delivery boy with simply a few mouse clicks.

10. Easy-to-use Mobile App Interface

The OpenCart Delivery Boy App comes with a smooth flow interface with a quick navigation menu and switching between the screens. Left navigation menu options allow the delivery agent to go to desired screens instantly.

Also, both Android & iOS apps are built using Java and Swift ensuring potent native functionalities. The OpenCart Delivery Boy Apps come up with flawless working and performance.

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