Previous Next Product Navigation

Previous Next Product Navigation

This extension adds the previous next product navigation on the product page. It allows customers to view all products from one page. Customers can navigate from one product to another product easily. Admin can add links to specific products and categories.

* Enable/Disable Module status.
* Adds the previous next product navigation on the product page.
* Make navigation easier between products.
* Sort product by name, price, model, rating in ascending and descending order.
* Two different styles for the previous next links.
* Set links position on left, right, top.
* Responsive on all Devices.
* All Settings are managed by Admin Panel.
* No changes in core files.
* Easy to install and Manage.
* Multi-language Supported.
* Multi-Store Supported.
* Installation Guidance included.
* Provide Free Installation and quick Support.

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What customers say about Previous Next Product Navigation

5 STARS MODULE! this is a must have for product page, perfect for sell more products & for seo, the module is very easy to install, no problem at all, i use the journal 3 theme, i buy more modules from martExtensions all install without problem no time to loose fixing and waiting for support, smart configurations to work as you like, i am a happy customer!!


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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