Global Payments - Realex Redirect 3DS v2 Complete + Patch

Global Payments - Realex Redirect 3DS v2 Complete + Patch
What does this Patch do?

This is a quick patch for the newly implemented 3D secure V2 for Global Payments - formerly Realex Redirect. Users is redirected to their HPP(Hosted Payment Page) secure site to pay and then returned back to your site when payment is completed. This removes all risk as all customer card data is processed at their secure site.
You can even choose the iframe option to have the form load directly on your site through a secure iframe to their site.

What's New in 3Dsecure v2?

3DS 2 is designed with the mobile checkout experience in mind by introducing new checkout flows that better suit customers paying on mobile with new authentication methods, such as biometrics, or the option of a fully frictionless flow by using a more comprehensive data set provided by the merchant to authenticate the customer without the need for their intervention.

✅ You need a merchant account registered with Global Payments.
✅ Need Merchant ID & Secret Key[/list]

Features on this Module
✅ Standalone Installation
✅ Quick path for existing extension update
✅ PA-DSS compliant. No data is stored on your server
✅ Payment got processed on Merchants end to risk free
✅ Optional Iframe payment system
✅ Debug and Sandbox mode


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